Manifesto on a prosperous world.

What’s a prosperous world you’ll ask ?

It’s a world we are all looking for. Why ? Simply because the natural system is prosperous; nothing is looking to grow in isolation. Everything is connected, we are connected, human to human, human to nature. We are parts of a big interconnected system, and it’s not only spirituality, it’s a fact, a biological and physical one.

We all breathe the same (not-so-fresh) air. We all need energy from sunlight to feed us just like vegetables do. We all need the same water to refresh our body and mind.

The Earth is our only home and our only boundary. No other boundaries needed. We need to live together, promoting identities and diversity, because this is the richness of life, this make us transform and evolve.

The first step to a prosperous life starts by listening, observing, learning how an older and wiser system than us is working. Biomimicry is a science that can help us understand the system to which we belong.

Design thinking brings us a “user-centric” point of view. LIUT protocol researches a “natural systemic thinking”. It uses design thinking methods, but also systemic and circular design.

We need our attention and facilitators to Listen. We need a systemic and transdisciplinary approach to Interconnect ideas and generate evolutions. We need design thinking, design sprints and agility to Understand the complexity.

We need LIUT open protocol to Transform our world into a prosperous, anti-fragile and resilient one.

LIUT is a community gathering human experts, facilitators, methods and protocols to transform our society into a prosperous playground.

Fabrice Liut

Fabrice Liut

Sprint master, facilitateur et Designer. Recherche & études en création et connexion d'éco-systèmes.